No matter how well your team is performing today, it is still hitting measures well below its potential. We all have far more to offer the world. Take time to consider how you are actively seeking to rapidly advance against your goals and improve those areas that need your attention, to Exceed Expectations and even to change the world.

Right now, at this very moment, you are capable of exponential growth. You have within you all it takes to multiply your success, to radically advance positive change, and to surpass goals that, on initial inspection, seemed impossible.

Start by stopping. Stop settling for things just as they are. As Jim Collins begins in Good to Great remember, “Good is the enemy of Great!”

Also surrender the belief that change is only marginal and linear. Most of us operate within a mindset that success comes sequentially.  We all are seeking to advance from one level of achievement to the next. Then, from that stage, we will graduate to the next…gradually. Seems our world is set up this way.  I personally talk about it every day – growing one step stronger. That thinking is flawed. Now, it becomes important we all grow giant leaps stronger.

You can do this by leapfrogging – a big part of Innovation today. Leapfrogging is the advance from one place, position or situation to a much higher level without progressing through all the stages or places in between. It is going from sea level to the stratosphere in an instant. It is growthhacking.

As you seek to innovate, today and every day, consider how the idea of leapfrogging allows you to leverage the knowledge, experience, successes and even the failures of others without having to pay the price yourself. It allows you to rapidly advance without having to go through the intermediary steps.

Leapfrogging is currently being widely deployed in developing countries. Many will skip inferior, less efficient, more expensive and more polluting technologies and industries and move directly to superior advancements. Recent examples include countries moving directly to wireless phones from having no phones, jumping over the phase of installing landlines all together. Ecologically, countries are moving directly into the solar age and building wind farms for power, skipping over the mistakes made by burning, depleting and depending on fossil fuels.

As you seek to innovate, leapfrogging has staggering implications when it comes to the potential of creating a better you, a better product, a better company, or a paradigm shift all together. You can deliver an explosive jump. A controlled explosion in performance puts you well beyond the next logical step in your career or your company’s success.

Think of it as multiplication versus addition… a compounding interest in time and thinking invested.

Better yet, innovate in ways where 1+1 can actually equal 11. Here is how:

1.       Break old routines and mindsets. To leapfrog rapidly requires the vigorous deployment of new and better behaviors. These could be paradoxical and may appear highly unusual.  We all have a strong tendency to become overly dependent on proven strategies and the tactics they involve. If you want to enjoy the fruits that only leapfrogging can deliver, you must be willing to break out of routines and old mindsets.

2.      Work Smarter. When working harder and longer feels like the solution, shift to working smarter and more focused. Trying harder might produce incremental gains. Performing smarter brings exponential growth.

3.      Aim before you Fire. When stuck, we rely on trying harder to get unstuck. It is in our nature. When stuck, instead, hurry up and do NOTHING…at least for a moment. Then, look for radically different approaches that will be easier…maybe even effortless. And don’t wait for things to be perfect – they never will be.

4.      Think Differently. Shooting for the stars is not easy. It can be unnerving, and the natural tendency is to go back to familiar habit patterns. This is the psychological gravity that keeps us out of orbit. Innovating requires an entirely different set of mental routines. PREPARE YOURSELF TO MAKE A QUANTUM LEAP, and belief it can be achieved.

5.      Stretch yourself. While not everything is possible (i.e., I am not competing in the Alpine Skiing events at the Olympics right now), what is within your reach will still blow your mind. You can experience a level of success far behind anything you are currently expecting. You can use innovation, leverage and strength to actualize peak performance on a monumental scale.

6.      Think beyond the probable. True, there may be limits, but let go….do not worry about them at this time. Any real limits you will experience are well beyond the artificial boundaries you have set. Real limits will not box you in, but fake ones are a prison.

7.      Be limitless. If you knew success was guaranteed at whatever you set your mind to accomplish today, what would you go for right now? If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do? What would it look like? What specific action steps would you take? How would you proceed? DO THAT! Make the leap!

Start to develop a leapfrogging mindset for yourself and your team by simply doing this: do all you do knowing you will deliver astounding results, as if you have already achieved them….as if nothing stands in your way. Make a giant leap and act with complete confidence. Inspire ambitious ideas, pioneer new formats & technologies and embrace the creation of positive change.

Skeptical? Examine this with real clarity. If doing what we are doing right now the same way every day were enough to deliver a quantum leap, we would all be making them regularly, and we would all be well ahead of plan or outstripping the goals we have set for ourselves. As Praveen Suthrum says, “It’s impossible to grow if you don’t give up what you are doing today. And take up the next challenge.”

Finally, want to truly innovate today? Think back to when you were kids – you were supermen and wonder women. You had no fear. You made breakthroughs every day. Your life was a bold experiment in all things wonderfully impossible made possible. Renew that indomitable faith you had in yourself and

  • Act as if success is guaranteed in everything you do;
  • Confidently expect you will make great things happen; and
  • Give everything within you to make them happen.
  • Work throughout this and every day with the clear conviction victory is an absolute certainty.
  • Focus on leaping forward.

Seeking to innovate passionately and leapfrogging means thinking outside the probable. It means going well beyond the obvious and giving yourself permission to dream big and risk everything.

Here at HealthLynked, we INNOVATE PASSIONATELY by recognizing it is important to meet each day with an entrepreneurial spirit. We operate with the core belief that Building a great future requires free flowing ideas and a willingness to always challenge ourselves and each other to expand our thinking and build an exponential mindset.

That is how we are leading a paradigm shift by bringing the world’s first social ecosystem for healthcare to life. It enables the most efficient exchange of healthcare information between providers and their patients and makes it possible for an open collaboration around health you could not even imagine last year…or even last week.

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Source: Portions adapted from Gary Ryan Blair’s 100 Day Challenge

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