Long QT Syndrome: Mayo Clinic Radio

Dr. Michael Ackerman, a pediatric cardiologist at Mayo Clinic, explains the heart rhythm condition known as long QT syndrome. This interview originally aired Sept. 16, 2017. source Please follow and like us:

Sticks and Stones Break Bones, So Does the Silent Disease Osteoporosis

The World Osteoporosis Day (WOD) 2018 campaign calls for global action to improve bone health and prevent fractures due to osteoporosis, including vertebral (spine) fractures — which often remain undiagnosed and untreated.  The public, healthcare professionals and organizations worldwide are joining together to raise awareness of bone health and call for action on osteoporosis and … Continue reading “Sticks and Stones Break Bones, So Does the Silent Disease Osteoporosis”

How to Keep Your Mind Sharp

As crazy as it sounds, your brain can actually shrink 5% every 10 years after the age of 40. The good news is you can turn it around. Here are some tips to help boost your brain. Source by [author_name] WebMD,health,brain,mind,memory,aging,how to,how to keep your mind sharp,how to sharpen your mind,language,games,video games,reading,sleep,exercise Please follow and … Continue reading “How to Keep Your Mind Sharp”

When a Person with Alzheimer’s Rummages and Hides Things

Someone with Alzheimer’s disease may start rummaging or searching through cabinets, drawers, closets, the refrigerator, and other places where things are stored. He or she also may hide items around the house. This behavior can be annoying or even dangerous for the caregiver or family members. If you get angry, try to remember that this … Continue reading “When a Person with Alzheimer’s Rummages and Hides Things”

Craniosynostosis – Mayo Clinic

Bringing a new baby home from the hospital is supposed to be a time of joy, wonder and excitement. So imagine what it would be like if, after a couple months at home, you discovered your perfect baby had a problem. That’s what happened to a little girl named Lexi. The bones in her head … Continue reading “Craniosynostosis – Mayo Clinic”

It’s PB&J Day, but It’s Not What You Think

Today is World Pediatric Bone and Joint (PB&J) Day, created by the multi-disciplinary Pediatric Specialty Group of the United States Bone and Joint Initiative (USBJI).  The United States Bone and Joint Initiative Group’s goal is to identify the primary areas of concern with regard to children’s musculoskeletal health, including those that relate to other health … Continue reading “It’s PB&J Day, but It’s Not What You Think”

Is it Lice or Super Lice?

Super lice? Sounds like a comic book character, but these pesky critters are the real deal. Here’s the difference between regular lice and super lice. Source by [author_name] WebMD,health,lice,super lice,what is super lice,what’s the difference between lice and super lice,hair lice,lice shampoo,hair infestation,itchy head,parenting,super-bug,lice comb Please follow and like us:

Birthing Options for Full-Term Pregnancy

October 2018 Print this issue A study found that, for healthy pregnancies, inducing labor after full term (39 weeks) rather than waiting for natural labor doesn’t increase the risk of major complications for newborns. Being inside the womb for a … Continue reading “Birthing Options for Full-Term Pregnancy”

How Minimally Invasive Laser Surgery Ended Epileptic Seizures – Mayo Clinic

Nicole Dehn, 30, has had epileptic seizures since she was six months old. Despite various medications and devices, her seizures remained uncontrolled. That is until Mayo Clinic offered hope with a new minimally invasive surgery. Known as laser thermal ablation, the therapy was previously approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for treatment of … Continue reading “How Minimally Invasive Laser Surgery Ended Epileptic Seizures – Mayo Clinic”

Trisha Prabhu: WebMD 2016 Health Heroes, Prodigy

WebMD’s prodigy winner, Trisha Prabhu, created the app ReThink to fix an issue technology fuels – cyberbullying. With 120,000 downloads, it gives teens a second chance before they send mean messages. Subscribe to WebMD here: Follow WebMD here: Website: Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter: Instagram: Source by [author_name] WebMD,Health Heroes,WebMD Health … Continue reading “Trisha Prabhu: WebMD 2016 Health Heroes, Prodigy”