Crohn’s Disease & Pregnancy-Mayo Clinic

Dr. Sunanda Kane discusses women with Crohn’s disease who want to get pregnant, issues around the time of birth, and breast feeding. Also discusses taking medications for Crohn’s disease during pregnancy and questions surrounding the chance of passing along Crohn’s disease to the baby. source

How to Check Your Heart Rate

Press through these steps and learn to monitor your pulse. Source by [author_name] WebMD,health,first aid,how to,how to check your heart rate,heart rate,how to check your pulse,check pulse,heartbeat,heart fitness,fitness,radial pulse

Richard Rubenstein: Overcoming Rectal Cancer – Mayo Clinic

Richard Rubenstein, a retired executive from Scottsdale, Arizona, shares his experience battling rectal cancer diagnosed in 2007. He explains his medical and surgical treatment at Mayo Clinic in Arizona while giving those overcoming a cancer diagnosis hope and wisdom. source

Symptoms of Lewy Body Dementia

People with Lewy body dementia (LBD) may not have every LBD symptom, and the severity of symptoms can vary greatly from person to person. Throughout the course of the disease, any sudden or major change in functional ability or behavior should be reported to a doctor. The most common symptoms include changes in cognition, movement, … Continue reading “Symptoms of Lewy Body Dementia”

What Is ‘Sitting Disease’?

Sitting for long hours is linked to a whole lot of health problems. It’s even been referred to as “sitting disease.” There are things you can do break up the time you spend sitting. Here’s how to take a stand for your health. Source by [author_name] WebMD,health,sitting,sitting disease,sedentary,belly fat,high blood pressure,blood clots,heart disease,high blood sugar,cancer,what … Continue reading “What Is ‘Sitting Disease’?”

Vitamin D Toxicity Rare in People Who Take Supplements, Mayo Clinic Researchers Report

Over the past decade, numerous studies have shown that many Americans have low vitamin D levels and as a result, vitamin D supplement use has climbed in recent years. Vitamin D has been shown to boost bone health and it may play a role in preventing diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and other illnesses. In light … Continue reading “Vitamin D Toxicity Rare in People Who Take Supplements, Mayo Clinic Researchers Report”

Making healthier eating choices at home, at the store, and eating out

Confused about how to make healthier eating choices? Should you buy organic? What healthy substitutions can you make when cooking? Below are some dos and don’ts when shopping, cooking, and ordering food. How do I make healthier choices at the grocery store? Dos Make a list and stick to it. It takes a little more … Continue reading “Making healthier eating choices at home, at the store, and eating out”

What Happens When You Have a Herniated Disk?

Sometimes aging or an injury leads to a herniated disk. How does it happen and what body parts are affected? Learn more: Subscribe to WebMD here: Follow WebMD here: Website: Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter: Instagram: Source by [author_name] WebMD,health,spinal injury,spine,herniated disk,what is a herniated disk,what happens when you have … Continue reading “What Happens When You Have a Herniated Disk?”

Managing Money Problems in Alzheimer’s Disease

  People with Alzheimer’s disease often have problems managing their money. In fact, money problems may be one of the first noticeable signs of the disease. Early on, a person with Alzheimer’s may be able to perform basic tasks, such as paying bills, but he or she is likely to have problems with more complicated … Continue reading “Managing Money Problems in Alzheimer’s Disease”

Lung Regeneration

There are hundreds of thousands of patients in the United States with end stage lung disease. Many of them are not candidates for lung transplantation or other therapies. Learn now lung regeneration, through the use of existing cells to build an artificial lung, is building a brighter future for patients with few treatment options. To … Continue reading “Lung Regeneration”