Caring for Concussions | NIH News in Health

August 2018 Print this issue A study found that many people treated for a concussion may not receive follow-up care that could improve their health. A concussion is a mild brain injury. It results from a bump, blow, or jolt … Continue reading “Caring for Concussions | NIH News in Health”

The Basics: What Causes Diarrhea?

Gotta go right now? Over and over? It happens. Most of us get diarrhea about once a year. Here are some tips to help ease your bubble guts. Source by [author_name] WebMD,health,diarrhea,what causes diarrhea,stomach cramps,gut bacteria,IBS,virus,dehydrated,dairy,upset stomach

Psychiatry and Psychology – Part 4: Addiction Center

Dr. Daniel Hall-Flavin, Consultant in Addiction Psychiatry in Rochester, Minn., provides a brief introduction to the Addiction Center. source

7 Health Benefits of Holding Hands and Its Potential for Healing Society

There’s something special about holding hands with another human being. All of us are innately conscious of how this simple act can stir an instant intimacy, heighten our awareness and express a deep connection. This alchemy of two hands touching has so deeply captured our collective imagination, it’s been the subject of our highest artistic … Continue reading “7 Health Benefits of Holding Hands and Its Potential for Healing Society”

Care and Connection | NIH News in Health

August 2018 Print this issue Loneliness Affects All Ages Human beings are social creatures. Feeling like we’re part of a community helps us thrive. But we sometimes have a hard time making and keeping the relationships that sustain us. Many … Continue reading “Care and Connection | NIH News in Health”

Make-You-Sore Core Workout

Use this workout routine to blast your core muscles. You’ll get a little heart-pumping cardio in with exercises that work your abs and obliques. Source WebMD,health,fitness,exercise,workout,abs,core,cardio,obliques

Epididymovasostomy – Mayo Clinic

In this video, Epididymovasostomy a more complex vasectomy reversal is explained. For questions about costs and insurance, call the Mayo Clinic Business Estimating Office: – Within the United States: 507-284-0403 To schedule a consultation for vasectomy reversal, please contact: – Within the United States: 507-538-5363 – Outside of the United States: 507-284-8884 or email at: … Continue reading “Epididymovasostomy – Mayo Clinic”

Bionic Movements | NIH News in Health

Connecting Mind and Machine When you lose the use of a limb, even the simplest of daily tasks can turn into a challenge. High-tech devices can help restore independence. New technologies are even making it possible to connect the mind to an artificial limb. These artificial limbs are called bionic prosthetic devicesDevices that replace a … Continue reading “Bionic Movements | NIH News in Health”

20-Minute Tough Total Body Workout With Obi

Build strength and burn calories with this full-body routine led by wellness coach Obi Obadike. Source by [author_name] WebMD,health,fitness,exercise,workout,workout routine,fitness routine,total body workout,Adam Michael Brewer,fitness coach,20 minute,tough workout,cardio,fat loss

5-Minute Easy Abs Workout

Build stronger ab muscles with this simple 5-minute routine. Source WebMD,health,fitness,exercise,workout,easy workout,abs,5 minute workout,simple,leg raises,bicycle,obliques,side abs,upper abs,crunch,muscles