Health Care Reform in 2 Minutes

Confused about the Affordable Care Act and what it means to you? Watch this video to get the basics on health insurance changes and new deadlines coming up that affect most Americans. For more information visit – where WebMD provides coverage of health care reform, Medicare, Medicaid, health insurance, and the Affordable Care Act, … Continue reading “Health Care Reform in 2 Minutes”

Diagnosis of Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)

Dr. Edythe Strand, Emeritus Professor and Consultant, division of Speech Pathology, Department of Neurology, Mayo Clinic, explains why children with CAS often have co-existing language and speech disorders. She discusses when and who should diagnosis CAS. For more information, visit: source

Kidney Stone Analysis: MedlinePlus Lab Test Information

  What is a kidney stone analysis? Kidney stones are small, pebble-like substances made from chemicals in your urine. They are formed in the kidneys when high levels of certain substances, such as minerals or salts, get into the urine. A kidney stone analysis is a test that figures out what a kidney stone is … Continue reading “Kidney Stone Analysis: MedlinePlus Lab Test Information”

Regenerative Medicine Therapies Program at Mayo Clinic Florida

Dr. Shane Shapiro, Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Program Director for the Regenerative Medicine Therapeutic Suites, Mayo Center for Regenerative Medicine, discusses the results of his randomized controlled trial of bone marrow aspiration and concentration (BMAC) for knee osteoarthritis. To learn more, visit source

‘Can I Have Sex?’ Top Pregnancy Dos and Don’ts – Third Trimester

Can you get flu shots while pregnant? Fly on airplanes? Dye your hair? Download the WebMD Pregnancy App here: Subscribe to WebMD here: Follow WebMD here: Website: Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter: Instagram: Source by [author_name] baby,fetus,unborn baby,baby growth,first trimester,pregnancy,baby size first trimester

Phosphate in Urine Test: MedlinePlus Lab Test Information

  What is a phosphate in urine test? A phosphate in urine test measures the amount of phosphate in your urine. Phosphate is an electrically charged particle that contains the mineral phosphorous. Phosphorous works together with the mineral calcium to build strong bones and teeth. It also plays an essential role in nerve function and … Continue reading “Phosphate in Urine Test: MedlinePlus Lab Test Information”

Surgery for Advanced Pancreas Cancer – Mayo Clinic

Mark Truty, M.D., a Mayo Clinic surgeon specialized in treatment of pancreatic cancer, discusses the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of pancreatic cancer. Dr. Truty emphasizes that in 2013; approximately 45,000 patients were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Today, with Mayo Clinic’s research and modern approach to multimodal surgical management of pancreatic cancer, patients who previously may … Continue reading “Surgery for Advanced Pancreas Cancer – Mayo Clinic”

Ketones in Blood Test: MedlinePlus Lab Test Information

  What is a ketones in blood test? A ketones in blood test measures the level of ketones in your blood. Ketones are toxic substances that your body makes if your cells don’t get enough glucose (blood sugar). Glucose is your body’s main source of energy. Ketones can show up in blood or urine. High … Continue reading “Ketones in Blood Test: MedlinePlus Lab Test Information”

5 Secrets to Beat Bad Breath

Bad breath, AKA halitosis, is not fun. And it’s even worse for whomever you’re talking to. Truth is half of us deal with it at some point, and that’s men and women.No gender bias here. So where does it come from? And how can you fight it? Here are 5 things that can help. Source … Continue reading “5 Secrets to Beat Bad Breath”

Lyme Disease Tests: MedlinePlus Lab Test Information

  What are Lyme disease tests? Lyme disease is an infection caused by bacteria carried by ticks. Lyme disease tests look for signs of infection in your blood or cerebrospinal fluid. You can get Lyme disease if an infected tick bites you. Ticks can bite you anywhere on your body, but they usually bite in … Continue reading “Lyme Disease Tests: MedlinePlus Lab Test Information”