7 Ways to Beat the Heat

Extreme Heat often results in the highest number of annual deaths among all weather-related hazards in the US. On average, it has killed more people in the last 30 years than any other weather phenomena. Just this Wednesday, another child perished in a car in Nashville – the seventh such tragedy this year. EXTREME HEAT … Continue reading “7 Ways to Beat the Heat”

7 Red Flags of Teen Depression to Look for Today

Adolescence is not an easy time for most. My wife – the bright, outgoing cheerleader daughter of a 60’s rock legend – often says she breezed through it. Me – the geeky, gangly marching band punk son of a minister – not so much! No matter who you are, the journey into adulthood from dependence is a moral, … Continue reading “7 Red Flags of Teen Depression to Look for Today”

9 Ways to Engage in Hepatitis Awareness Month (and Four Things You Should Know)

May is designated as Hepatitis Awareness Month in the United States. Agencies and offices across the federal government, alongside state and local partners, are working to raise awareness of the importance of vaccination for hepatitis B, testing for hepatitis B and C, the availability of effective care and curative treatment.

7 Ways to Innovate Your Practice Immediately

No matter how well your team is performing today, it is still hitting measures well below its potential. We all have far more to offer the world. Take time to consider how you are actively seeking to rapidly advance against your goals and improve those areas that need your attention, to Exceed Expectations and even to change … Continue reading “7 Ways to Innovate Your Practice Immediately”