Personal Health Record
Healthcare providers create medical records of your visits through EHRs (Electronic Health Records) or through paper charts. These records are the property of your healthcare provider, although you can request a copy of these records for your personal files.
A PHR (Personal Health record) is different from an EHR. A PHR is owned and updated by you, the patient and can be shared with other healthcare providers or anyone you might choose and it not subject to HIPPA regulations. The benefits of a HealthLynked PHR is that your records move with you, no matter where you are, and can be easily accessible if a medical problem arises or in the case of an emergency where having access to your medical information can save your life.
The HealthLynked app allows members to update their medical information in the comfort of their home to make sure all their information is correct and complete. Once your information is complete all you need to do is keep your profile updated when changes occur with your medical status.
Having a complete profile allows you to share this with the healthcare provider you choose, decrease office wait times and avoid redundant paperwork during office visits.
Through HealthLynked, you can Lynk to your personal network of healthcare providers, book online appointments, share medical records from other providers and stay on top of medical recommendation specific to your medical history.
Online Scheduling
As a HealthLynked member, connect with your healthcare providers, easily book appointments online, and keep all your medical information in one location.
HealthLynked doctors offer special booking times available to HealthLynked members, which can be scheduled directly from your online profile. Once you have selected the provider you which to make an appointment with you will be asked to select the reason for your visit and a time. You will receive an email confirming your requested appointment time and once accepted by your doctor, you will receive a confirmation email. If your physician is not a HealthLynked provider yet you can
Medical Newsfeeds
Members can select from a wide range of medical topics to follow. ​Stay updated on the latest medical updates regarding treatments and new discoveries regarding your health or family members.
Lynk to a healthcare provider and keep updated with the news feeds your doctor is following. Lynking with your dermatologist or family physician will update your medical news feeds with topics they feel are important and relevant to their patients. You can update or remove these topics from your feeds anytime you so choose to do so.
Access or Co-Manage Family Profiles
Your health is important and so is the health of your family and friends. The HealthLynkeded network allows a member to create a profile for their children under the age of 18. Managing children and keeping track of their vaccines and visits is important for assuring they stay healthy and receive the best care possible.
In addition, you can be granted permission to access other member’s profiles and medical records in the situation you may be assisting aging parents or family members treatments or prescription medications through their doctor or specialist.
Emergency Contacts
If you are traveling away from home or in an accident, it’s important to know who to contact in an emergency situation. Children at school or on a school trip having their medical information such as allergies, medications they are on kept on record and easily accessed through the HealthLynkeded Network.
Group Chat
Members looking to talk with others medical topics of interest can join in HealthLynked groups chat rooms. Topics such as diabetes, hypertension, and breast cancer are just a few of the many groups available. Members can also create a group that can be private, my invitation only or public. User can chat as a quest if they choose to do so. Groups allow for users to connect and discuss medical issues with other like-minded users.
Personal Health Guidelines
Healthcare recommendations change with age, sex, family history and medical conditions. Using advanced technology HealthLynked will evaluate your specific medical information to make personalized medical recommendations regarding your health.
Recommendations may range from when to check cholesterol, follow up for a colonoscopy or mammogram and reminders when you are due for an annual exam. Keeping our members informed about what follow up they need is an important part of the HealthLynked artificial intelligence algorithms.
Discount Medical Supplies
HealthLynkeded connects you with over 100,000 name brand medical supplies. Members can order medical supplies and have them shipped directly to their home. Whether you need diabetic supplies or a wheelchair you can access our directory or preferred supplier to receive discounted offers tailored to your personal health needs.
Medical Forums
Medical Forums allow you to connect with other members that share similar interests, medical conditions or symptoms. Members can enter the forum as a member or guest if they wish to remain anonymous.
Much like social media groups, members can also create groups around medical topics of interest and these groups can be private, by invitation only, members only, or open to the public. Once a group is created you will be able to moderate the group and engage in real time chat with others in your group.
Medical forums were designed to create an environment where people can discuss medical conditions, treatments, make referrals to healthcare providers and engage in direct conversions with healthcare experts on particular topics.
    HealthLynkeded offers a wide range of medical forms that include:
  • Cancer
  • Men’s health
  • Women’s Health
  • Physiatry
  • Pediatrics
  • Dermatology
Home Lab Testing ** (coming soon)
Patients who are proactive about managing their health often want to get routine lab testing to be confident that their medications are working, they are not developing any medical problems and to screen for diseases.
HealthLynkeded members can select from a wide range of lab tests that monitor current healthcare problem and screen for other medical conditions. HealthLynked empowers members to be more engaged in their health and provide testing can detect conditions at early states and lead to better management and outcomes. Important tests such as Cholesterol, hormone levels, allergy and STD testing are just a few of the lab testing offered and performed by the largest lab in the country assuring you are receiving the highest quality and most reliable testing.
Ordering a lab test is easy. Simply select the tests you want, enter your address where you want the test kit sent and checkout. Within 1 week you will receive your test kit at your home. Specimen collection is from one of three sources; Urine, Saliva, or finger stick depending on which tests you ordered. Once collected return the specimens in the shipping box provide and your results will be returned within one week to your HealthLynked provider. Results can be shared with your healthcare team or can be kept private.
Insurance benefits verification** (coming soon)
Keeping track of insurance information such as deductibles and copays for medical visits can be challenging. Most patients rely on medical practices to know what amounts they owe at the time of their visits. Now with HealthLynked’s patient verification services, members can quickly access information regarding their current deductibles and copays amounts for medical visits.
HealthLynked connects to the largest nationwide insurance database keeping our members updated on out of pocket expenses for healthcare services.
Medical Wallet **(coming soon)
HealthLynkeded’s Medical Wallet gives our members the the ability to pay for their healthcare services and medical supplies through one simple platform. Simply set up your account from your mobile device make a payment at your Doctor’s office and other points of care.
HealthLynked providers across the US offer significant discounts when patients make payments with their HealthLynked account.
In addition to medical services, HealthLynked offers significant saving on over 100,000 name brand medical supplies through our partnership. Whether you need a wheelchair or just a bandage, using your account to purchase medical supplies through MedOfficeDirect is a great way to have the medical supplies you need shipped directly to your home at the lowest prices.
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