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HealthLynked Provider Benefits:
As the fastest growing Patient Information Network (PIN) in the country, HealthLynked is changing the face of health care in the United States. We connect healthcare providers, patients, and their medical data through a secure cloud-based system. We also provide technology and resources that will improve your practice’s efficiency and profitability. In-Network Providers enjoy a collection of free services. Upgrading to Preferred status unlocks even more powerful patient contact, retention, and communications tools.
In-Network HealthLynked providers are automatically added to our Network Directory.
  • Professional profile in the HealthLynked Network Directory
  • Access to patient medical information--reducing intake times
  • Referrals from the HealthLynked system
  • Optional HealthLynked’s patient access hub providing WiFi in waiting room area
  • Access to our full suite of software tools to optimize your practice
  • Personalized patient healthcare reminder
HealthLynked is the nation’s largest Personal Information Network, with members all across the United States. We work with multiple insurance carriers to help better manage the care of our patient members.
More Time
HealthLynked’s technology helps keep our patient members up to date on their healthcare needs. Our Patient PHR ( Personal Health Record) assures that our in-network providers have the most up to date medical information on our members to deliver better care:
  • Better managing patients’ medical needs
  • Building your reputation in the market
  • Growing your practice
  • And more free time... doing what matters most to your practice.
Less Time
Many doctors find they don’t have enough time to accomplish everything on their list each day. As a HealthLynked Provider you’ll spend less time:

  • Chasing medical records
  • Managing appointments and referrals
  • Updating patient information
  • Marketing your practice
Professional Online Profile
HealthLynked offers a nationwide healthcare provider directory to create a professional online profile showcasing your medical expertise, interests and reputation, which allows patients to find and connect with you.
Dr. Michael Dent CEO of HealthLynked Talks About the Future of Healthcare
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HealthLynked is all about innovation and using technology to improve the way we manage patients. Our mission is to make it possible to better influence, inform, and interact with patients and their healthcare data. In-Network Providers have access to a wide range of powerful tools that can optimize their practice and deliver better patient care. Preferred Providers are able to tap into our premium marketing and management tools to engage patients and brand practices.
Stay Updated
Our patent-pending logarithms evaluate patient data and personalize guidelines for them that can help ensure they get timely testing and treatment. HealthLynked reminds patients of upcoming medical visits and reminds them of follow up visits or testing. Patient data moves with them, as all of their medical information is secure in our HIPAA compliant cloud. Our innovative technology connects our member's medical information with the providers they choose.
In-Network providers typically experience a 15% increase in new patients and higher retention rates for existing patients. Patient engagement, improved medical outcomes, and access to our member's complete medical information, specialist visits, test results and prescription changes, help prevent potential medical mistakes.
All of this is making HealthLynked the fastest growing Personal Information Network (PIN) in the country!
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