How to Check Your Heart Rate

Press through these steps and learn to monitor your pulse.

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Kung Fu Ballet Workout

Combine martial arts and ballet moves for a great full body workout. Here’s how.

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Medium Intensity 10-Minute Core Workout

Strengthen your core with these 10 exercises that include in and outs, bicycles, scissors, leg lifts, and wide-leg sit ups.

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20-Minute Tough Total Body Workout With Obi

Build strength and burn calories with this full-body routine led by wellness coach Obi Obadike.

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5-Minute Easy Abs Workout

Build stronger ab muscles with this simple 5-minute routine.


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The Perfect 7-Minute Workout

Some of the latest scientific research says that high intensity interval training is one of the best training methods for fat loss. Here’s how to give your entire body a workout in just 7 minutes.

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10-Minute Sport Yoga Routine

You won’t need to sacrifice your busy day for this yoga routine. If you have just 10 minutes, you can complete this gentle sport yoga flow.

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How to Stretch for Low Back Pain

Don’t let back pain hold you back. Stretch it out and relax with this exercise.


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5-Minute Cool Down

Follow this simple post-workout routine to cool off and recover from your workout.

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