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Tips for Having a Healthy Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us with food, fun and festivities set to satisfy our appetites and fill our hearts with joy. But for some, the holidays could lead to unhealthy temptations and a sour spirit. With a few simple practices, experts say, you can remain happy and healthy this holiday season.

Watch What You Eat

Experts suggest that watching what you intake, remembering nutrition basics, and staying consistent is vital to your health during the holiday season. Keeping yourself properly hydrated, eating balanced meals, and consuming four cups of vegetables daily will go a long way. Experts also advise to not pass on your favorite treats occasionally, and to not beat yourself up if you feel as though you overdid it with a meal. Embrace it, move on, and get back on track the next day.

Exercise to Keep Your Body and Mind in Shape

A structured fitness plan sets you up for success and it can be as simple as planning your workouts for the week ahead on the weekend. For extra motivation, exercise with a friend or join a regularly scheduled fitness class. Another option is to go walk for at least 30 minutes a day.

Be Thankful

By being thankful, you can lift your own spirits and enhance your health, too. Experts say that being grateful isn’t just something we do to show appreciation for others, it’s a form of self-care and an important way to stay healthy this season. When our hearts are filled with gratitude, we are less likely to overeat and more likely to prioritize things that support health, like sleep, exercise, and staying hydrated. Experts suggest that keeping a journal or taking a gratitude walk with your family are great ways to express thanks for everything beautiful in the world.

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