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Tips for Staying Healthy in College

Many users in Oohvie’s community of women are college students like Sasha Pearson, Oohvie’s favorite cookie baker of Instagram. Like Sasha, they use Oohvie to track their menstrual cycle, ovulation, symptoms, and feelings, all automatically updated to their HealthLynked Patient Profile. Oohvie’s customizable reminders make the perfect tool for staying on top of self-care activities while juggling classes, exams, papers, and everything else college life brings with it. With that in mind, we’ve compiled these tips to staying healthy in college that you can use in conjunction with Oohvie. Try them yourself and see them in action by following Sasha on Instagram at @SweetArtBySasha.

How To Fight the “Freshman 15”

It’s not that there aren’t healthy foods available in your university’s cafeteria; it’s only that the unhealthy snacks, sugar, caffeine, and empty calories are easier to grab when you’re on the go. Another pitfall is mealtimes. When you’re accustomed to using the kitchen anytime or are used to mom or dad calling you to the table when it’s time for dinner, it can be an adjustment to make the cafeteria hours. A few months of this could turn the “Freshman 15” into the “Freshman 50.” First off, eliminate opportunities for snacking and keep to a regular meal schedule. As fussy as it may seem, try setting specific times for meals and treat it like you would any other appointment—one you can’t be late for. You’ll find that a regular schedule will help you make healthy food choices.

Leave Your Car Parked

Finding time to exercise in college is almost a laughable notion. Too many students live on campus with multimillion-dollar fitness centers they simply wave at all year as they move about campus. Finding time to go to the gym can be challenging, which is why it’s important to make opportunities in your already busy schedule work for you. Most college campuses are large and spread out. You’ll find that many students drive from parking lot to parking lot and from class to class all day, but by doing that, they are robbing themselves of the opportunity for exercise. If it’s a mile to your next class on foot, this is the perfect time for you to bike or walk there. Even if it takes you more time than driving your car, your body will thank you.

Find A Hobby

Busy as you are, it’s important to note that healthy distractions are essential to your overall health. College is stressful. It’s not just the academic workload or being away from your family for the first time. College is a different social structure and lifestyle. Accept that you’re not going to get it all right immediately and find activities that truly allow you to switch off. No one can be healthy in a constant state of stress. Sasha’s cookie art creations help her decompress and give her something else to look forward to other than stellar grades and school breaks. Take the time you need for yourself. Remember: you can be at your best if you’re not at your healthiest.

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