HealthLynked is proud to deliver a series of videos by doctors and physicians talking about COVID-19.

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is caused by a previously unrecognized coronavirus. For more information about COVID-19 please visit:

Dr. Michael Dent intro COVID-19 Update by Dr. Roger Seheult

COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic update by Dr. Roger Seheult, from, a board-certified pulmonary critical care specialist with an introduction from Dr. Michael Dent, the CEO of HealthLynked, a global healthcare network.

Coronavirus Pandemic Update 98: Home COVID-19 Testing - A Possible Breakthrough (Daily Quick Tests)

The current COVID-19 testing strategy in the United States is estimated by the CDC to pick up less than 10% of infections. Dr. Seheult of features snippets from a recent This Week in Virology (Episode 640) with Dr. Michael Mina of Harvard who explains that the technology exists for at home, inexpensive, self-administered, “paper” COVID-19 antigen tests that are likely accurate enough to pick up the vast majority of infectious cases of COVID-19. And how lower sensitivity of inexpensive tests may be ideal for a screening test that is performed with high frequency. Utilization of these “daily quick tests” may provide the optimal path forward to curtail the growth of COVID-19 and open schools and our economy in a much safer way. (This video was recorded July 20, 2020).

Coronavirus Pandemic Update 104: COVID 19 Reinfection & Immunity

The first documented COVID 19 reinfection has been reported in Hong Kong verified by genetic sequencing. Dr. Seheult of explains the importance of this patient’s symptoms (he was asymptomatic with the second infection) and how immunity to viruses typically builds over time with subsequent exposures or vaccines. Dr. Seheult also discusses comparisons to previous viruses such as smallpox that have caused large numbers of deaths among populations without any prior exposure. (This video was recorded August 26, 2020).

How The Coronavirus Kills - ARDS from COVID-19 with HealthLynked

COVID-19 Update and HealthLynked's Global Healthcare Initiative

Dr. Michael Dent sits down to discuss the latest on the Coronavirus and HealthLynked’s Global Healthcare Initiative.

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10 Things You Can Do to Manage COVID-19 at Home

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How The Coronavirus Kills by Roger Seheult, M.D.

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What Older Adults Need to Know About Covid-19

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