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About Us

It is our mission to improve healthcare by the transfer of accurate medical information between patients and their healthcare providers, improving medical practice efficiency, increasing access to quality healthcare, and facilitating accurate medical diagnosis.

Our Story

Why HealthLynked Started

HealthLynked was launched in Naples, Florida, in 2016 by Dr. Michael Dent, the visionary behind NeoGenomics, now one of the largest genetic cancer testing facilities in the world. After spending nearly thirty years as a practicing physician, he wanted to find a way to make data sharing, patient management, and research easier and more accessible to more people and physicians.

The Future of HealthLynked

HealthLynked is improving healthcare for every patient worldwide. In the hopes of creating a better healthcare system, HealthLynked plans on improving healthcare by integrating customer histories, genetics, and demographics into an artificial intelligence-driven system that coordinates patient care and looks for trends in large populations. The end result is a healthier, more connected network of people and providers.

Our Values


We work with strategic partners that can benefit our patient members either with new and innovated services or by accessing value through discounted services. 


To achieve our goals, we are persistent and relentless in creating new technologies and methods that can improve healthcare.


Through innovative ideas and technologies, we can improve the future of healthcare for everyone.


We always try to improve what is currently in place for healthcare, but also improve and update our own technologies to keep up with the times.


Our passion is what pushes us to think outside of the box, to challenge current methods, and to work towards a future that can benefit all people.


Patients trust us to provide reliable, relevant information, and the exchange of information between patients and doctors on a safe, secure and private platform.

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Do you want to invest?

Become a HealthLynked investor and help us improve healthcare. We have an experienced management team that has taken an OTC company to the NASDAQ as well as extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions.

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