About Us

It is our mission to improve healthcare by the transfer of accurate medical information between patients and their healthcare providers, improving medical practice efficiency, increasing access to quality healthcare, and facilitating accurate medical diagnosis.

Our Story

The Vision for a Better Future

Founded by Dr. Michael Dent, a pioneer also known for establishing NeoGenomics—one of the world’s foremost genetic cancer testing centers—HealthLynked stands at the forefront of healthcare innovation. With his extensive three-decade experience in medical practice, Dr. Dent identified critical inefficiencies in traditional health systems, particularly in data sharing, patient management, and medical research. In response, he developed HealthLynked to revolutionize these processes, enhancing accessibility and efficiency for healthcare providers and patients alike. This platform is designed to empower users by streamlining the exchange of medical information and fostering collaborative advancements in healthcare

The Rapidly Changing Healthcare Landscape

HealthLynked is at the forefront of revolutionizing global healthcare. Our mission is to build a superior healthcare system through the integration of patient histories, genetic data, and demographic insights into a sophisticated artificial intelligence-driven platform. This system not only streamlines patient care coordination but also analyzes trends across large populations to proactively manage health outcomes. By harnessing this technology, HealthLynked is creating a more connected and healthier future for patients and providers worldwide, making it easier than ever to access personalized, efficient care.

Our Values


We work with strategic partners that can benefit our patient members either with new and innovated services or by accessing value through discounted services. 


To achieve our goals, we are persistent and relentless in creating new technologies and methods that can improve healthcare.


Through innovative ideas and technologies, we can improve the future of healthcare for everyone.


We always try to improve what is currently in place for healthcare, but also improve and update our own technologies to keep up with the times.


Our passion is what pushes us to think outside of the box, to challenge current methods, and to work towards a future that can benefit all people.


Patients trust us to provide reliable, relevant information, and the exchange of information between patients and doctors on a safe, secure and private platform.

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Join HealthLynked and revolutionize your healthcare experience. Easily locate your doctor, schedule appointments online, and securely share medical records with both your doctor and family. Plus, enjoy exclusive discounts on medical supplies through MedOfficeDirect. Embrace the convenience and empowerment of our platform, putting you in control of your health journey. Join us today and unlock a new era of seamless, connected healthcare.

Healthcare Provider

Join HealthLynked to extend your practice and elevate patient care. As a provider, connect with thousands seeking healthcare services. Seamlessly exchange medical records with patients and colleagues, fostering holistic care. Our innovative Check-in System streamlines tasks, freeing valuable time for patient interactions. Access comprehensive analytics to optimize operations. Additionally, gain exclusive access to discounted medical supplies through MedOfficeDirect, managing costs without compromising care quality. Embrace the advantages of our network and experience transformative impacts on your practice and patient outcomes.

How to Support

Invest in HealthLynked (HLYK) and become a key player in transforming healthcare. Your investment in HLYK stock isn’t just a financial decision—it’s a step towards advancing a global shift to more innovative, efficient, and accessible healthcare. With our experienced leadership poised to drive significant growth and industry transformation, your investment will help propel the development of cutting-edge solutions that make a real difference. This is your chance to impact the healthcare landscape profoundly, backing a team whose strategic vision is set to redefine healthcare standards globally.

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