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We understand the importance of having access to your health records for personal reference or for coordinating care with other healthcare providers. To facilitate this process, we kindly request you to fill out the following form with accurate and up-to-date information. Once our team validates the information provided, we will send you the requested health records.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your health records will be securely delivered to your HealthLynked account, specifically within the Medical Record Archive. Additionally, you will receive a notification when new records are uploaded to your account.

Yes, your health records are handled with the highest level of security and are fully compliant with HIPAA regulations to ensure your privacy and confidentiality.

All requests for health records are reviewed by our concierge team. To ensure we contact the correct provider and expedite the collection of your medical records, please provide the names, addresses, phone numbers, and other relevant contact details of the doctors, healthcare providers, hospitals, or other facilities involved. Upon successful verification of your information, we will forward the request to your specified healthcare practice for the secure delivery of your records.

Please be aware that the processing time is determined by your practice, and you will receive a notification once your records are available. You may submit additional requests at any time. Sometimes, practices may require a fee to release your medical records; should this be the case, we will notify you accordingly, and you can decide if you wish to incur the fee to obtain your records.

Please note that free members have limited storage for medical records within HealthLynked. To access expanded data storage capabilities for your medical records, we invite you to become a paid member.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call our support team at 800-928-7144. We are here to help you.
If our team requires any further details or clarifications regarding your request, we will contact you via phone and email to ensure a smooth process.
Yes, you can access your health records securely from any device with internet access, such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

While our service for obtaining and providing your health records is available at no charge for all members, it's important to note the distinction in access between free and paid memberships. Free account holders experience limited storage for medical records. For enhanced access and increased storage capabilities, we offer a paid membership at $12 per month or $120 annually. Opting for the annual payment plan offers a 17% savings compared to paying monthly, providing extensive benefits and more comprehensive management and accessibility of your medical health records at a more economical rate.

Access to your medical records through HealthLynked is not time-limited; you can view your records at your convenience. However, should you choose to discontinue your paid membership, please be aware that your data storage capacity will revert to that of a non-paid user level. Consequently, this reduced storage may restrict access to some of your medical records.

Users cannot request health records on behalf of someone else; however, paid members have the capability to share access to their own medical records. As a paid member, you can request your medical records, have them securely loaded into your HealthLynked account, and then grant another user access to these records, ensuring compliance with privacy and consent guidelines.

If you encounter any technical difficulties while trying to access your health records, please contact our concierge team for assistance. You can reach us via email at, by phone at 800-928-7144, or through our online chat service. We are committed to assisting you promptly.

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