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Many people struggle with keeping track of their family’s medical information between their various doctors and specialists. Scheduling appointments, managing multiple prescriptions and keeping your doctor updated on ever changing medical records is difficult.
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Personal Health Records
The healthcare industry has finally caught up with technology, which means your medical health records are now digital, portable and can be directly shared with your personal network of providers.
For the first time ever, you can now manage your entire family’s medical information, including aging parents or family located anywhere in the country. These advancements mean you save time, money and avoid critical medical mistakes when it comes to working with multiple specialists, prescriptions and keeping track of scheduling appointments
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Connect Your Whole Family
HealthLynked is a no cost, comprehensive platform allowing you full control to connect and communicate with your personal network of providers. Find a specialist for your mother in another state, schedule your child’s upcoming vaccination and manage your entire family’s medication needs, all from the ease of an app.
Confident Healthcare
Transparent access to your family’s medical data along with the ability to communicate directly with your network of doctors, ensures confidence that you and your family receive the best quality of healthcare available.
Whether an emergency situation with your child at school, routine check up or proactively focusing on meeting health guidelines, HealthLynked provides a simple solution for keeping track of your family's complete medical health records.
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