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HealthLynked Telemedicine

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Virtual Care When You Need It Most

Virtual appointments are now available for all HealthLynked members! Easily request a phone or video appointment directly from the HealthLynked App. Connect to qualified HealthLynked Telemedicine providers and share records conveniently from your patient health profile!

How does HealthLynked Telemedicine Work?

Virtual appointments are now available for all HealthLynked patients, as well as Primary Care and Women’s Health providers, in a simple and easy-to-use interface. Telemedicine is integrated into the HealthLynked app, so there are no additional installations required to have the convenience.

Why Choose HealthLynked Telemedicine?


Our interface makes it quick and easy to schedule virtual appointments at times that are convenient for you, no more long waits at the doctor’s office.


A single, one-time payment of only $60 per visit. You will be emailed a virtual appointment follow-up with complete details of your visit to submit to your insurance provider.


All information on the HealthLynked network is private, secure, and protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be connected to a participating HealthLynked Telemedicine Provider. When the Healthcare Provider accepts your appointment request, you will automatically be notified via email about your accepted appointment.

HealthLynked Telemedicine primarily focuses on Primary Care and Women’s Health. Additional Specialties and Services are coming soon.

Yes, qualified HealthLynked Telemedicine doctors can issue prescriptions and referrals.

HealthLynked Telemedicine does not accept insurance. You’ll receive a telemedicine follow-up via email after the appointment. Once completed, you may submit it to your insurance company for reimbursement.

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The HealthLynked Patient Concierge Team is a service to help patients connect to doctors in our network.
You can also call our Patient Concierge Team right in the HealthLynked app. Download now!