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Choosing the right doctor for you and your family is a crucial decision. HealthLynked’s provider directory simplifies this process, offering a user-friendly experience both on our website and through our mobile app. With our directory, you can easily find your current doctors or search for new ones by filtering results based on location, specialty, name, and even gender. Simply request the appointment online through our booking directory. Connect to your doctor and share medical records seamlessly. This integration ensures that managing your healthcare is as convenient and efficient as possible.


Patient Concierge Paid Members

Need help with your doctor search? HealthLynked’s Patient Concierge team can help:

  • Find a doctor or specialist near you
  • Find a doctor who accepts your health insurance
  • Connect you to a local doctor’s office
  • Set up your free, secure patient profile with the help of a HealthLynked nurse

*Patient Concierge is available Monday – Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm ET

Make appointments easier

Booking an appointment is now easier than ever with HealthLynked. Simply request an appointment through our website or mobile app, and we will create a free profile for you. Select the date and time  that works best for you. For only $12 per month, paid members gain access to our concierge team, who can assist with medical records and preferred scheduling. Connecting with your doctor and managing your appointments has never been more convenient.

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The HealthLynked Patient Concierge Team is avaliable to paid members for $12/month to help them book appointments, create their HealthLynked profile, collect and organize their Medical records and provide guidance.

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