What Is Telemedicine?

Doctors are making house calls again. But this time, instead of knocking on your door, they’re communicating through real-time video and file keeping interfaces. Telemedicine isn’t a new concept, but with the rise of COVID-19, there have been a record number of physicians incorporating telemedicine. The telemedicine industry has grown to be a robust $79 billion market in the last year, a price tag expected to increase to $396 billion by 2027! Telemedicine is here to stay and all the better. Patients and physicians report faster, more productive appointments, less frustration in managing healthcare, and decreased cost. How can you make your first telemedicine appointment? HealthLynked is here to bring the benefits of virtual medicine to you with DocLynk, our new telemedicine service.

Start with DocLynk

HealthLynked’s newest patient tool, DocLynk, has a simple, user-friendly interface that integrates seamlessly into the HealthLynked app. With DocLynk, you can choose doctors, quickly make appointments, access your medical records, and get notifications to manage your care. Using telemedicine, doctors report a decrease in cancellations and risk of illness in the physical office. With DocLynk, they can easily review patient medical records and your review of health, all while in the appointment.

What Can Telemedicine Treat?

Broadly speaking, telemedicine is for routine visits, checks, prescription refills, follow-ups, or anything else your physician deems applicable of that nature. Telemedicine is essential for when seeing specialists in rural areas. Patients who would normally have to travel or take time off work to see an allergist, for instance, can now take care of their healthcare needs by tapping a button instead of taking a drive. To find a doctor and schedule an appointment, visit DocLynk and complete the fast, easy onboarding process to get care today.

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