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Who Is HealthLynked?

HealthLynked Corporation is home to a diverse group of dedicated healthcare clinicians, technology specialists, marketing professionals, and talented experts from around the globe who are joined together by a common goal to improve every patient’s relationship with healthcare. At HealthLynked, each voice is heard, every idea debated, fostering an atmosphere of innovation and trust.

Our Brands

HealthLynked Corporation has multiple companies within our network, each focused on a particular vertical of healthcare. This multifaceted approach allows HealthLynked to integrate the healthcare experience for our patients and providers.

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We are thrilled you have decided to join our mission to improve healthcare for every patient worldwide. Browse our list of career opportunities to start your future with HealthLynked. Can’t find a position you’re passionate about? Check back as we continue to grow.

Job Opportunities

Customer Service

Data Entry / Customer Service


The HealthLynked Patient Concierge Team is a service to help patients connect to doctors in our network.
You can also call our Patient Concierge Team right in the HealthLynked app. Download now!